Operation Intelligence (OI) Inventory Control Solution

OI Solution Overview

Qnum’s Operational Intelligence (OI) Solution is focused on helping bulk product manufacturing operations in the mining and construction materials industry minimise losses that are caused by an inability to get timely access to reliable and centrally available operational data.


The lack of centrally available data causes key departments such as Sales, Production, Supply Chain, and Finance to operate in silos, resulting in frustrations and negative bottom-line impacts in the following areas:

  • Loss of productivity due to excessive manual inventory data handling
  • Financial losses incurred as a result of inaccurate or delayed inventory signals
  • Business risk exposed by an inability to access accurate insights and reports
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End-to-End Stock Level Visibility

The OI Solution connects all your operational systems to get end-to-end visibility at the plant:

  • It connects to all ERP systems.
  • Automates the extraction of rich operational insights from your PLC, SCADA, and weighbridge systems.
  • Digitises shop-floor capture for exceptions,
  • Incorporates survey devices for near real-time physical stock verification

Central access to stock level data for all the points of the plant enables the following bottom-line benefits:

  • Reduce downtime costs caused by material stock-outs at certain stages
  • Control material losses due to spillages, waste, or theft
  • Reduce costs of carrying excess stock

Material Usage and Throughput Control

The OI Solution tracks material movement rates in near real-time at key points of your operation:

  • Enables the monitoring of planned versus actual material movement rates (raw material usage, mill feed, product output)
  • Delivers performance visibility across the value chain allowing for the proactive correction of misaligned nodes

The capacity to monitor plant performance on a more real-time basis unlocks the following benefits:

  • Reduce revenue losses caused by production targets not being met
  • Reduce energy, labour, and re-agent costs caused by sub-optimal throughput rates
  • Ensure that material usage is aligned to production output
  • Reduce costs of carrying excess stock

Product Quality Management

The OI Solution assesses output product grade testing results against raw material inputs:

  • Tracks target product quality results against actuals over a period of time
  • Incorporates the ability to trace the raw material inputs used in the production of a specific grade of product

The capability to link the laboratory outcomes with production process delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduce revenue losses caused by the production of lower grade products
  • Enable the capacity to identify quality issues sooner and make necessary adjustments (change input material stockpile) to avoid further losses

AI-Driven Operational Optimization

Data science and AI capabilities deliver
end-to-end optimization


The OI Platform has the capacity to deliver sustained bottom-line benefits through a Machine Learning Inventory Model that learns each client’s environment to drive continuous process optimization end-to-end.

  • Real-time tracking of production performance against sales requirements
  • Low inventory level flags preventing costly stock-outs
  • Determine optimal replenishment patterns to improve working capital/cash flow
  • Monitor productivity and waste levels to dynamically detect sources of inefficiency

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