SA software tech startup joins US-based global accelerator

Selected as a member of The Batchery, a Berkeley, California-based global incubator for seed-stage startups, Qnum Analytics will now take their innovative product globally.

Bheki Nkomo CEO of Qnum Analytics explains that joining The Batchery will allow the local tech startup to take their business to a new level with added support and access to potential investors.

“We are super excited to join The Batchery and take our innovation globally via Silicon Valley. The Batchery provides us with a dynamic environment where we can access resources and receive valuable advice crucial to helping us navigate through obstacles experienced by early-stage startups. The Qnum team looks forward to accelerating our development and growth working with The Batchery’s mentors and advisors over the coming months.”

Joining the ranks of the stellar list of tech veterans with backgrounds such as Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Accenture, Qnum Analytics will have access to the Silicon Valley of investors such as Sand Hill Angels, Berkeley Angel Network, and more.

“The Batchery supports startup entrepreneurs who are building ventures poised for explosive growth and their belief in Qnum as a team and our product offering makes the engagement a key milestone in the growth of Qnum Analytics,” adds Nkomo.

Qnum Analytics

Founded in 2018, Qnum Analytics offers provides clients an automated inventory reconciliation solution for the dry bulk industrials and enables organizations to minimize inventory shrinkage, improved ROI’s, deliver better productivity and accountability.

The tech startup was created in an effort to disrupt the traditional way in which stock is managed in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Offering a solution to the current issues faced within this sector, Qnum Analytics services has created a solution that bridges the gap between financial records and the stock measurement techniques. This is done through tracing stock transactions in both mass and audit equivalents.

In addition, the innovative service offered by the tech startup results in major cost savings for bulk stock producers.

In an interview with Ventureburn, Nkomo explains that Qnum Analytics provides users with insightful data and analytics in order to improve their business model.

“Our product/solution is a smart automated inventory reconciliation software running on mathematical theorems, algorithms, and data analytics. The team is comprised of Mathematicians, Physicists , Datascientistst, and industrial engineers.”

Privately funded by the founders, Qnum Analytics has grown in strides over a short two-year period. In 2018, the local tech startup received R500 000 as the winner of the Botswana Ash South Africa enterprise development fund.

With headquarters in the US, Delaware, Qnum Analytics operates in Johannesburg, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.

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