Construction Materials Industry

Key challenges in the industry:
  • More than most, the building materials industry needs to be operationally efficient as end product costs are so low.
  • Current inventory systems are hard coded & struggle to provide visibility of loss points in the material handling processes
  • Month-end inventory reconciliation is a very time consuming activity as businesses struggle to account for inventory shrinkage losses.

Qnum Analytics helps improve stock management practices to drive sustainability and profitability by employing a dynamic inventory model that evolves with an operation to provide accurate real-time inventory visibility, by using digital surveying technology to continuously verify inventory levels, & by leveraging the platform’s AI-driven capabilities to systematically eliminate operational inefficiencies.



Mining Industry

Key challenges in the industry:
  • Mining operations are very expensive so investors apply huge pressure to get a return on their investment.
  • Operations struggle with sub-optimal product yields, caused by archaic systems, operational inefficiencies, waste & significant losses across the value chain.
  • Strict regulatory framework applied to the minerals sector often deter much needed investments.

The key to driving investment needs to be a great emphasis on the use of technology throughout the entire mining value chain, from project inception right through to the production stage. Qnum Analytics takes a disciplined approach to digitizing end-to-end mining value chains to deliver verified real-time inventory insights and long-term operational cost and profit optimization benefits.


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