Frequently Asked Questions

The OI Platform is an easy-to-use system that digitizes all inventory transactions and measurements for accurate real-time visibility and consistent reconciliation. Focusing on the last mile of inventory management the platform incorporates new interoperable data points for integration with IoT and survey devices for end-to-end inventory control.

The key differentiator is the dynamic machine learning algorithms and inventory models that adapt and evolve over time within the operation to improve the accuracy of the stock levels and optimize the supply chain to drive greater efficiencies.

The OI Platform is a cloud-based software allowing for on-the-move access with rigid security protocols. The solution being cloud-based ensures better solution reliability with minimal downtime.

The Qnum Analytics team currently adopts a hybrid implementation model which incorporates remote and on-site interventions as part of our customer intimacy strategy. The business currently possesses the capability to execute a fully remote implementation.

The OI Platform can integrate with the ERP system.

The Platform is not meant to replace the ERP system but rather complement it. The OI Platform tracks the complex internal inventory movements and transformations which are difficult to accurately account for on the ERP system

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