Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different from an ERP system?

The OI Solution reports on inventory in terms of mass (Kg/ Ton) and an audit equivalent (Count or volumetric measurement) to ensure consistency in units of measurement between the ERP system and physical inventory verification methods

Can it replace my ERP system?

The Solution is not meant to replace the ERP system but rather complement it. The OI Solution is able to track the complex internal inventory movements and transformations which are difficult to accurately account for on the ERP system

Is it on-premise?

The OI Solution is a cloud-based software allowing for on-the-move access with rigid security protocols. The solution being cloud-based ensures better solution reliability with minimal downtime

Is the implementation remote?

The current implementation strategy is fully remote

Can it integrate with my ERP system?

The OI Solution can integrate with the ERP system through the use of APIs

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