Helping Bulk Industrial Material Producers Optimize Operational Output

Qnum Analytics is a SaaS smart inventory control solutions provider for the bulk industrial materials manufacturing industry.

Qnum Analytics understands that – You Cannot Optimise in Silos!

The Qnum Analytics’ mission is to unlock significant savings in operational losses for industrial material producers while optimising production yield by providing reliable inventory data, when needed, without the tedious and costly manual data handling.

How We Deliver Value

Identify Opportunities to Automate Data Acquisition and Streamline Processes to Eliminate Capturing Inefficiencies

Qnum’s solution seeks to avail resource capacity for activities that unlock:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer-centricity
  • Reduction in over-time or ad-hoc resources

Provide the Ability to Monitor End-to-End Plant Performance on a  More Real-Time Basis to Identify and Resolve Issues Sooner

Qnum’s solution seeks enableproactive control of the following loss drivers:

  • Operational waste and downtime
  • Inventory levels and product quality
  • Material usage and throughput rates

Unlock Bottom-Line Savings by Leveraging the Timely Access to Centralised (End-to-End) Inventory Data

Qnum’s solution provides tailored insight to operators and decision-makers to deliver:

  • Reduction in losses due to unmet output tonnage/quality targets
  • Reduction in cash tied up in inventory
  • Capacity to eliminate waste

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Case Study

How Timely Access to Reliable Inventory Insights Unlocked Tighter Operational Controls.

Qnum’s Operational Intelligence Solution helped the Largest Producer of Sodium Products in Southern Africa navigate through the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to have real-time visibility of inbound, internal, and outbound stock movements enabled a capacity to isolate and control issues at source while elevating accountability.

  1. Reduction in costs related to product quality and delivery issues
  2. Increased meeting of monthly tonnage output targets
  3. Reduced occurrence of material stock-outs

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