Helping the Dry Bulk Industry Minimize Inventory Shrinkage & Maximize Profits

Qnum Analytics is an enterprise SaaS solutions provider that is focused on empowering decision makers with verified inventory level insights in real-time. Our highly configurable Platform, address gaps in current inventory practices that limit the capacity to gain real-time access to accurate stock related decision-making insights

The OI Solution Platform Delivers a Positive Bottom-Line Impact through:

  • Optimized demand and supply planning
  • Aligned production planning
  • Ability to systematically control waste and inefficiencies
  • Minimize stock-outs
  • Enable real-time reconciliation of financial & Physical stock records

Qnum Analytics Solution Benefits

Enabling end-to-end optimization

End-to-end digitization of the inventory management practices

On-demand access to custom decision-making dashboards and reports that optimize demand and supply planning for improved profit margins

Integrated financial & audit controls to continuously track variances and ensure credible financial reporting

Machine Learning driven inventory model that learns each client’s environment to drive continuous end-to-end process optimization

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Unlock real-time access to accurate inventory insights for profitable decision making with the OI Platform

Transform your stock management practices with a solution that can show you where the stock losses are occurring so you can deal with them effectively

  • 86% Variance reduction
  • $253K Monetary savings
  • 3 months Trial run duration

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